Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, Finding The Fish For Me

One of the things that occurred to me was that before buying equipment I may want to figure out what kind of fish I want to catch. Here's what I know about fish species:
  • I know people fish for bass
  • I know what a catfish is
That's it...that's the list.

I would have to do some research to figure out what fish to fish. I wanted to stick to freshwater, I wanted to catch something that was not extremely challenging, and I wanted to catch something that would be good to eat (the reason why I'm fishing in the first place).

According to online research (and the # of YouTube videos by 10 year olds) the fish I was looking for is called a Panfish. Just to drop some more Googled knowledge, A Panfish is just a name for a group of frying pan sized fish. Some of these types of Panfish include Bluegill, Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Yellow Perch, and Crappie.

Specifically, I was going to target Bluegill. These are small and hungry fish that are allegedly easy to catch and that cook up well for good eatin'. And if 10 year olds all over the country are catching them, then a 30 year old adult should have no trouble at all.

Blues...Oh, so lonesome for you
Tears fill my eyes 'til I can's see
3 o'clock in the morning, here am I
fishin' here so lonely, so lonesome I could cry

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