Sunday, May 11, 2014

The First Catch

This next event that happened totally hooked me (get it) on fishing.

After my weeks of watching videos, trolling fishing stores, and fine tuning my equipment selection, I figured it was time to stop messing around and get up get out and get somethin'.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had about 2 hours to kill before I had to be somewhere so I drove over to the lake just to toss a few casts out and get my feet wet. I found an opening on the shoreline, cocked back the Gil Slayer, and casted my Rapala lure a whopping 10 feet out onto the lake.

Now what should have happened was my lure should have flown off the fishing line as the knot failed, gotten snagged at the bottom of the lake, or impaled a nearby child.  However, what did happen was something quite different and completely shocking...

I caught a bluegill!!!

What I wanted to do was run around like a maniac screaming and celebrating. This was an amazing feeling! However, I had a fish hanging on my line, and couldn't really move much. So I just did 40 fist pumps (in my head). Oh, I mean "fish pumps". XXX.

All those YouTube videos and equipment studies paid off. I held a magic fishing rod in my hand. The perfect rod for catching an unlimited number of Bluegills. I had succeeded and I was now on pace to catch a fish on every single cast.

I was now officially a fisherman!

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