Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Sort Of Could Be A Bass Maybe Probably

It was my second trip to the lake and I was really excited. My first trip started out as perfect as a fishing career can start out, but ended up slowing down severely after that. I pulled in one measly bluegill, but I can't complain, I got something.

I went back to the same exact spot as before, now called Chris' Cove because I decided it to be. I kept my same Rapala original floating lure on (size 3 - bleeding pearl) on the Gil Slayer and cast out into the same area.

After a while something pretty cool happened. As soon as my lure hit the top of the water there was a big splash and my line was coming off the drag. This was a biiiiiiig bluegill!

I reeled it in and as it got closer to shore I noticed that this was not a bluegill. This was something big. Something awesome.

I pulled the big beast ashore and looking at it I realized that I have no idea what this fish is. I snapped a photo and sent a text to a friend for fish identification. I'm a beginner!!!! Leave me alone!!!

Turns out my friend didn't really know either, probably due to the terrible picture (I don't hold the fish like that anymore). We decided on the fact that it was probably a smallmouth bass. I measured it at 11 inches which right now means nothing to me. To me it was a beast, to a regular fisherman it was probably small.

Later that day I reeled in a few more fish but they were all unidentified baby looking sunfish of some kind. This one, which I found out was a yellow perch, looked pretty cool.

Another fun day on the lake!

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