Monday, May 19, 2014

New Lake, New Fish

So far all my fishing had been at one particular lake (Burke Lake). So I thought I check out another lake in the county (Lake Fairfax). I went there for a brief "lunch break" just to test out the waters. And wouldn't you know it! I caught a couple fish!

I found a nice spot on the lake where a tree was overhanging the water. There was a massive shade spot here and the rest of the lake was bright and sunny. I figured the fish may want to be like me and chill out a bit. I was right.

I was working a new Rapala Floating Lure, well a new color. This was a rainbow trout color. I pulled in a hand sized bluegill, not impressive at all and was starting to get discouraged as it was almost time to get back to work. Then, my lure hit the water and Explosion. I had a big one!

I caught a smallmouth bass before, but this fish that was on my hook had a much more exciting strike. I reeled it in hoping my line would be enough to take in the beast. I pulled him out of the water and saw it was a largemouth bass. I measured it at 12 inches and then set him free to go back to his father Lance.

This fishing thing is getting exciting!

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